The founder of the Bailey`s and Chloe is Chef Ivan Anggriawan. Chef Ivan was graduated from Sahid Jaya Hospitality School in 2009 and continued his studied at AT-Sunrice, Adv. culinary Placement, Singapore and graduated in 2011. Chef Ivan has a lot of experiences in culinary industry. He learns how to be a good chef, how to created a good and tasty food, learns the art of food platting. a time management at the kitchen and a lot of thing about food. He builds the Bailey`s and Chloe on 20th February 2014 with his precious experiences and his passion.

Bailey`s and Chloe are 2 happy bears residing in Tanjung Duren Utara IV no.55A. With a homey look. and wide array of comfort food. Bailey`s and Chloe promise to live up to its standard, pampering patron with its utmost hospitality. Bailey`s and Chloe has 4 different atmospheres, there are divided into Chloe`s Room at the 1st floor, Bailey`s Room. Bailey`s Garden and Bailey`s Smoking at the 2nd floor. enjoy our tasty foods and refreshing drinks with valuable proce, come hungry leave happy.